Batumi is a popular tourist destination hosting millions of visitors each year.  Finding comfortable and cozy accommodation here can be challenging, especially during a high tourist season. We invite you to book a hotel room directly from our official webpage where you can benefit from our deals and special offers, make online payment or even book a room and pay later at a hotel upon check-in. You just need to select a suitable option of a room, dates of check-in and check-out and a number of guests. Afterwards you will receive an electronic confirmation of your booking and you can be sure that your visit in Batumi will be fabulous.

For reserving a hotel room:

  • Fill in a booking form on our webpage
  • Dial: +995 422 27 44 44 or
  • Send a reservation request on email:



  • By choosing our hotel, you can save your time. You no more have to waste your time and energy thinking about your stay while in Batumi. Royal Hotel is a perfect option you can rely on.
  • Convenient and instant booking. You can easily and quickly book a hotel room on our official webpage simply by accessing internet. After submitting your booking request, you can be sure that your stay in Batumi will be comfortable and pleasing. In addition, while booking a hotel room on our webpage you can also order additional services.
  • Convenient and easy payment methods. You can pay for your hotel room by a credit card or cash either in advance in the process of booking or at the hotel upon check-in.
  • Additional discounts and promotions. We offer special offers and promotions to our loyal guests which you can benefit from while staying at Royal Hotel.
  • Pet friendly environment. Royal Hotel is ready to host you with your four-legged friends. For doing so, you need to talk to a hotel reception in advance to make sure you are familiar with terms and conditions for accommodating with pets.